"Ugh...Go, get a room!" they say.

May 29, 2014

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 1.17.05 PMI have a confession to make.  I am currently in a strong love affair with watching people who dare to "Love out loud".  I am deeply and devotedly saturated in my love-fest.  And I do not have any plans to leave this affair - ever. 

Yesterday, I spotted an adoring post on Facebook, where a mother bragged about her daughter's new book release.   She told the word that she had actually "read the book 4 times already!"   (I secretly burst with a clap out loud!)  What a supportive gift of pride in her daughter, said boldly and out loud!   It was all I could do to not run over to her house and hug her.  And then, the daughter replied,

"Ooh-Mom, that is great! You have absolutely made my day...again!! You are my rock and my greatest blessing in life. I love you so."

I got all misty.  yep.   These people were exploding with good, honest, kindness toward each other in a way that says "LOVE" in the deepest way.  A mother was proud of her daughters accomplishments and shared it with the world.  The daughter responded with equally proud and loving words.   That's beautiful.  Truly. Beautiful.  (toss me a tissue...thanks)

Today, I saw a friend brag about his 26 years of marriage to the girl of his dreams...he said, "..26 yrs and still deeply in love".   Hold me back!  no. way.  I had to make a comment. 

"...and still deeply in love."...oh those are the best best best words to use! I adore when people love OUT LOUD! And I am so happy for you! Congratulations on 26 blessed years together! May God give you 40 more!!

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Clean eating Coupons? Avocados anyone? Um...yeah!

Apr 30, 2014

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 11.02.19 AMSince January, my family has been on a mission to change our lifestyles...its been on the downlow because I haven't been entirely sure how it would go.  What I have discovered has literally changed our lives from the inside.  We have been eating "clean"...which means nothing more than we are choosing natural foods, organics, foods that aren't processed.  One of our absolute favorite finds through this process has been the Chocolate Mousse recipe found HERE...that is made with Avocados...and is so incredibly good that my picky picky picky 7 year old eater...didn't believe me when I said it was made from Avocados!  HOLY MOLY good.

One of the bigger challenges to eating Clean...has been finding savings in the form of coupons.  But I am here to tell you...they are available.  And here's one that I just found!  Grab it while you can.  They go fast!  

And let me know if you have a clean eating recipe you'd like to share?  I am all ears.

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God wanted me to get this tattoo!

IMG_0226So I think I want another tattoo! Shhh...don't tell my hubby! If he knew, he would have me at the nearest ink shop as fast as we could get there. He loves tattoos and wishes I would get a sleeve...not happening {at least not yet!}

I only have 2 so far. They are both full of meaning and are very special to me. I didn't do the whole 18 year old has freedom and gets inked thing...{I was way too good for tattoos for a long time}. I was 32 when I got my first one. It's a butterfly! I know a total cliche, but I don't care. It has deep meaning to me.

I've always loved butterflies. They are my thing. They are light and beautiful and free! I had one of those posters on my wall as a teen, that had all the butterflies in the world on it with their REAL name under each. I didn't really pay attention to that, I couldn't pronounce them so who cares, they were just beautiful. Under my wedding dress I wore the loudest tights, covered in bright butterflies. {all that white was just too boring :)} I've had various butterfly mugs, coasters, plastic cups, etc. throughout the years. They've always had a special place with me. But that's not why I got a tattoo of one...oh no, I got my tattoo after one of the most personal, gut wrenching, heart breaking, yet loving times with my God!

During a season of darkness and uncertainty, I found myself in complete despair. I have never in all my life felt so broken, hurting and alone. I thought life as I had known it was over. In some ways it was. Some aspects died, some were changed, some came out more beautifully than I could have ever hoped for, but at this point I was in the trenches.

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Why we do Friday night..."Wine, Cocktail, Martini...water...whatevah!"

Mar 28, 2014

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 1.09.44 PMWe were deep in the middle of a financially difficult season, for our family.   The whole year had been particularly taxing on our lives.  Physically.  Mentally.  Emotionally.  Spiritually. It was tough to lift up my head and face the day, every day.  Further complicating it, was harshness of our NY winter, it seemed to last forever.   Everything looked so gray.  So forgotten.  I felt that all parts of joy had truly left me and may never return.  Going through these tough times and engaging many sacrifices to make ends meet, was stealing the rich succulence out of my life.   That is to say bluntly, I was not having ANY fun at all.  Not even the cheap kind.

On that bleak day in New York, I sat, exhausted by it all.  I needed a breather...a break...a reason to smile and celebrate.   Anything to put some color back into my soul.  It wasn't just me.  My husband's coutenance looked as if he were made up of ashes.  This wouldn't do.  It couldn't go on.

So...I prayed.

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Be EXACTLY who you were born to be!

Mar 26, 2014

Feel it freely friends...own it!  And know.  It's so true.

You were meant for more

Did you get your FREE Cheez-It's or Keebler Cookies?

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 11.09.14 AMI'm a huge fan of anything that comes my way for FREE.  I'll bet you are too. So grab these up when ASAP!  But hurry...these do not last forever.

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My Son's Addiction and the Secret Every Mother needs to know!

Mar 24, 2014

Images-1Ninja's came to my house last night!! Pacifier ninja's that is. Our son has been a pacifier addict since he was born. He's almost four. Like any addiction it starts out innocent enough, something to help you get through the night, get through a rough day. Over time you start depending on it more and more, you use it way longer than you ever should have, and it's almost impossible to stop on your own.

We love him and we would do anything for him...so we enlisted the Pacifier Ninja! We told him the Pacifier Ninja would be coming soon, we explained it was time for him to be brave and in order to be a big boy and to become a ninja himself, he had to let the ninja come. He had until 2 weeks before his birthday to decide when he wanted the ninja to come, but if he couldn't decide by then, the ninja would come on his own. He decided last night was the night! He set his pacifier outside his bedroom door and bravely went to bed, full of anticipation of what marvelous thing the ninja would bring him in return for the pacifiers!

It was a rough night, He woke several times, I rocked him and snuggled him and assured him he was brave and strong and he could do this! He had to make it through the night in order to find out if the ninja had come. Once he was sleeping peacefully the Pacifier Ninja entered our house. He stealth-fully went from room to room collecting all the pacifiers. Snatching them up with his sword, flinging them in the air as he flipped across the room, catching them in his pacifier pouch. He left something on the counter and snuck out the back door, never to be seen again, taking the pacifiers with him!

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The Cat and the Idiot bird

Mar 14, 2014

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 12.06.16 PM(written while living in New York)

It's mid-summer here in New York.  Lately the days have been full of sunshine, deep blue skies, cool breezes and everything is bursting with emrald shades of color.   Realizing how fleeting this weather is in our state, we often sit outside on our porch or deck in the early mornings and evenings, soaking up the goodness.  

Our cat, known to us as "Max", likes to join us on these days. He frequently saunters in from some great adventure in the rolling hillsides around our home.   It is apparent that he relishes the times when we are with him outside.   He squishes his furry body up against our legs and with a strong rythmic purr...grazes past us to lazily find a spot where he can simply sprawl out his entire body, *yawn* and blink sleepily off into one of his famous naps.

We love this cat.  And we love the times like this with him.  But there is another side of Max that we are well aware of too.  He's not always so sweet and agreeable.   He is a hunter.  An avid hunter.   I mean the boy can muster up three field mice in a day, tossing their little lifeless bodies on the doormat proudly...only to prance through the house doorway with a lion-like attitude and throw down a bowl full of Meow Mix afterward.  He's "all that and a bag of cat doodles" for real.

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Letter to my man...you come alive

Mar 08, 2014

DSC_1068Dear Dustin,

There is this certain gleam that starts in your eyes and slowly spreads across your face. It captivates me when I get to watch this overtake you. It's like I get to witness something magical taking place. It's this private conversation that I get the smallest glimpse of between you and "her". I used to be annoyed at how long you spent with her, how much attention you gave her. {honestly, sometimes I still do} Until, one day when you let me in on how much you connect to God while playing her.

 Then I realized that's it..that's the look, the gleam, the sparkle in your eyes, on your face, over your entire body! You are worshipping our Lord! I get to witness, true, pure, uninhibited worship of the Lord!

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Marriage Letters: The way you come alive, takes my breath away

Mar 06, 2014

Photo(4)Dear Stephen,

Our little trolley swayed, bobbed and lurched as it slid along the tracks and up the steep hill.  It was nearly the end of our first date.  Tired, you leaned against the outside railing and I leaned against the wall in front of you.  And I watched you.  You took at the surroundings with a curiously deep expression.  You appeared almost stearn - with a furrowed brow and squinted eyes.   And then, you turned to looked at me.  When our eyes met and it was like nothing I had ever seen before... your face changed so quickly, I blinked and lost my breath for a moment.  You seemed to melt in front of me.  Your eyes softened and curved up as you smiled, turned your head slightly, and stared back at me with such a brightness that I knew in that moment, you loved me.   And in that same moment, it became clear - I would love you forever.

Years later, in the middle of a blizzard, deep in the heart of winter, we welcomed our youngest into the world.  I remember the incredible joy on your face as they held up this precious life for you to see.  And how instantly, emotion fell over you like a wave crashing in without warning.  Tears welled up in your eyes and you didn't wait to fall in love...you didn't wait to hold him, bond with him - you just knew.  It was instant love.  You poured out such sweet emotion...such love for that new life in our family.  Again, I stared at your face.  You were alive with a fullness that can not be duplicated in any other way.  No man has ever been so striking to me in a single moment.

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